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Nicole Zumkeller

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Eric Seydoux:
born 1959, professional artist painter and illustrator.

Nicole Zumkeller:
born 1964, professional dancer. Founded her own dance school in 1990.

Seasoned and frequent travelers to Asia, and North America, they have been long-time collectors of trade beads , wich Nicole incorporates into jewelry sold trough galleries.

Started glass beadmaking by chance, after a meeting with the pionneers of the « american glassbead renaissance » at the international Bead Bazaar and Symposium in Santa Fe : Kristina Logan at first, and during the following year, Helga Seimel, Jim Smircich, Kevin O’Grady, Keith Kreiter, Virginia Flowers, Tom Holland, Sage, Dan Adams. They all generously shared their passion and skills.

Since 1994, both members of the SGB, society of glassbeadmakers of America, and have attended every annual SGB gathering since. Since 1995, progressively part-time to full time beadmakers.

Since 1995, they teach 4 to 6 week-end classes a year, in Switzerland and in France. Their students come from most european countries all around. It is common to teach in 3 different languages in the same class ! In 1999, they have been invited by the SGB, to give a lecture at the annual convention.

They sell mostly finished jewelry (and collectors’ beads) in Art Galleries, in Europe and USA, on craft shows, and in their studio. They also work intensively with several museums for making replicas, as well as with professional jewellers.

Galleries and Shows :

Glas tec, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Y’Vart Gallery, Yverdon, Switzerland.
And every year since :
Artichoses swiss Artcraf show, Lutry, Switzerland.
Since then, permanent exhibition :
Bottegha del’ Arte Gallery, Ascona, Switzerland.
Since then, permanent exhibition :
Reflections Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.
Château de Vuillerens, Nyon, Switzerland
Thompson Gallery New-York, USA.
Seto Art Museum, collective SGB exhibition, Japan.
Since then, permanent exhibition :
Cicatrice, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Since then, Urban Glass Gallery, New York, USA.
Linda Bermann Glass Gallery, Scottsdale/Phoenix , USA.
Wohnung und Kunst, Hamburg, Germany.
Glendale Bead Museum, permanent exhibition, AZ, USA.
Craft&Folk Art Museum, permanent exhibition, Los Angeles, USA.
6 month travelling exhibition in Japan.
Manin 56, Murano, Italy, permanent exhibition.
Nara Lampwork Festival exhibition, Japan.
Right Chord Show, Washington, USA.
Lampworking Festival exhibition, Azumino, Japan.
Hsinchu International Glass Art Festival, Taiwan.
Dream Space gallery, Lutry, Suisse.

Articles and Books:

1997 Ornament Magazine, summer issue. (english)
1999 Ceramique et Verre, may-june issue. (french)
And several local newspaper.
2002 "Bead Release", vol IX, winter issue.
2002  "Glass beadmaking", Jim Kervin
2003 "Beads of Glass", by Cindy Jenkins.
2003 The Profusion Glassbeads Feast
2004 "1000 Glass beads", ed. Larks books
2007 The Masters of Glass Beads, ed. Larks Books (anglais)
2007 Glas...Perlen...EigenArt (allemand)


2002  1 week workshop Sars Poteries, Glass University, France.
2003  1 week workshop Sars Poteries, Glass University, France.
2006 Centro Nacional del Vidrio, La Granja - Segovia, Spain.

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